About Sandeep Uppal

               Sandeep Uppal
                Web Developer
           A6/79, Paschim Vihar,
             New Delhi-110063.

He works for you

   Sandeep Uppal is a youngman dedicated to the welfare of teaching community. He joined the Directorate of Education on 4th Jan., 2000 and by his knowledge of rules and regulations, hard work and zeal to serve his brothern teachers won their hearts. He became very popular and many H.O.S. of Govt. Schools as well as recognised unaided schools sought his cooperation to fix the pay of their staff under Sixth Pay Commission. He provided help to general teachers by launching. ‘Dixit School Web’ in 2009 with the help & guidance of my son Hari Mohan Dixit the then Chief Manager of Punjab National Bank & I.T. Expert. It became very popular because of easy approach, hundred percent correctness and ready recknor not only of pay fixation but also of calculating arrears of VI Pay Commission & assessment of Income Tax on it. He is serving the teaching community voluntarily without any monitory benefit. It is Social, Educational & Cultural activity rendered by him for the welfare of general teachers. The website was lying idle for some time. With the advancement of Technology & globlization of culture it has become necessary that there should be a website which may be useful to commen teachers as well as to persons who are engaged in teaching profession. So I and Mr. Prem Prakash Uppal father of Sandeep Uppal inspired him to reactivate it on Diwali and also for widening its field by including various orders, circulars, instructions being issued by the Directorate of Education, Delhi, DOPT & other Govt. Departments in chronicle order. Mr. Sandeep Uppal accepted the challeng to reactivate the website which will be proved quite innovative in style & method. All efforts will be made to make it as compact as possible.

   Suggestions to improve the functioning & inclusion of topics from our patrons users will always be appreciated. Every attempt will be made to insert latest & useful references from time to time.

   I am obliged to Mr. Anwar Javed & Mr. Amit Sharma Software Engineers who have spared their valuable time for the creation of the website & assured Mr. Sandeep Uppal to render their professional guidance from time to time to upto date & renovate it as & when required.

S. N. Dixit